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Tongestaltung und Mischton für den CLOSED Werbefilm Hobo – a rough denim journey.

This season CLOSED introduces a rough denim journey – called Hobo. The latest men’s
style exposes four time stages of its life of wear and care. Starting with year one, CLOSED
has created four distinctive jeans washes: From dark worn-in to uniquely faded, repaired,
with incorruptible creases. When to join the denim journey, is up to the wearer. The secret
behind? CLOSED jeans are to be worn. To be lived in. To be loved. And like all great things,
they only get better with time.
The original Hobo is made of heavyweight 12-ounce indigo denim, in an Italian factory.

Impeccable. Brand new. The kind that is yet to fade and distress. The kind that is yet to reveal the true character of the wearer. And that’s where the exploration begins.

Astronaut Magazine

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